• PebbleBash '18 Programme

    Bright ideas to help you take portfolio-inspired learning to the next level.


PebbleBash '18 programme.

Pre-conference workshop (Afternoon only) - Monday 10th December 2018



The planned technical workshop will now be offered as an online workshop to enable technical representatives from all Australian and New Zealand customers to attend. This will be promoted separately.

Workshop - What's new and what's coming (pt1)
hosted by Shane & Alison
Afternoon Tea
Surviving or thriving: digital skills for future ready learners
Lisa Gray (JISC)
Curriculum mapping and eportfolios
John Kertesz (UTAS)
Workshop - What's new and what's coming (pt2)
hosted by Shane & Alison
Workshop finishes
In the bar
Evening meal
Schedule subject to change

PebbleBash Day 1 - Tuesday 11th December 2018


07:30 - 08:30
Registration – for those not registered on Monday
Opening and welcome
Ignite Session - Day One
Round 1

  • Robert Loudon, Chris Campbell & Megan Duffy (Griffith)
    How our academics learnt PebblePad – What we heard on the grapevine.
  • Lenka Boorer, Priscilla Trahar & Heather Andrews (Griffith)
    Experiencing and expanding: Creating a space for students to collate, curate and grow.
  • Laurie Murphy, Alf Kuilboer & Karina Lynch (JCU)
    Enhancing graduate employability through the diverse and coordinated use of PebblePad.
Morning tea
Parallel Sessions
Set 1

Parallel Session 1A
  • Nicola Sparkes (Derby)
    Expansion, experience, excellence – Meeting the academics’ demand for the use of PebblePad.
  • Sonja Taylor & Candyce Reynolds (Portland)
    Integrative learning portfolios across the curriculum and across Levels: Best practices in undergraduate and graduate programs
  • Doug Colbeck & Claire Tubman (UTAS)
    Blue sky innovation with pragmatic incrustation
Parallel Session 1B
  • Andrew Kirke (Sheffield Hallam)
    Using PebblePad to assess Programme level outcomes in Paramedic Science.
  • Anita Hamilton, Angela Hanson, Priscilla Trahar, Shelley Hume & Nora English (USC) Scaling up: A whole program approach to eportfolios as process and product.
  • Martin Hopkins & Caroline Nilson (Murdoch)
    Pilot to program – The full integration of PebblePad eportfolio learning into a Bachelor of Nursing course.

Workshop A
Sonja Taylor & Kari Goin (Portland) Visual research to build academic identity
Workshop B
Gayle Brent, David Green & Christopher Allan (Griffith) Personality PLUS: Integrating employability (bolted in not bolted on).
Workshop C
Robert Loudon, Chris Campbell & Megan Duffy (Griffith) Managing buy-in, training and support at an enterprise-level: The practicalities.
Ignite Session
Round 2

  • Jennifer Rowley (Sydney) & Jennifer Munday (CSU)
    Transitioning to new and changing contours of professional practice through portfolio creation.
  • Terry Young and Kym Barbary (La Trobe)
    Self-supporting frameworks and agile PebblePad development.
  • Melissa Finnen, Jennifer Kemp-Smith & Robert Lewis (UTAS)
    PebblePad: Engaging students at the University College.
Afternoon tea
16:00 - 16:45
Featured Speaker
Geoff Rebbeck, Canterbury Christ Church University
A new Canterbury Tale about crossing learning frontiers
Ignite Session
Round 3

  • Terri Downer (USC), Michelle Gray (USC) & Tanya Capper (CQU)
    Over scaling: A comparison of the use of paper based and e-portfolios at two regional universities.
  • Natalie Medlicott, Jennifer Bruce, Carla Dillon & Megan Anakin (Otago)
    Early learning of reflective practice in a re-designed pharmacy professional programme.
  • Terry Young (La Trobe)
    Scaling up in Health Sciences – 19 disciplines, 19 examples
Reflecting on our first day
Close day 1
Drinks reception in the bar
Conference Dinner

PebbleBash Day 2 - Wednesday 12th December 2018


07:00 - 08:00
Ignite Session - Day Two
Round 4

  • Sonja Taylor & Kari Goin (Portland)
    Connecting social spaces and research to construct digital academic identity.
  • Patrick Viney (recorded) (Northumbria)
    A proactive model to support the implementation of large scale PebblePad assessments using limited resource.
  • Lana Mitchell (Griffith)
    Evidencing Professional Development for students: Preparing for career success.
Morning tea
Parallel Sessions
Set 2

Parallel Session 2A
  • Kym Barbary (La Trobe)
    Upscaling a systematical storage method for the collection of evidence against professional standards from a small rural campus to an institution wide implementation.
  • Jennifer Masters (UTAS)
    On the Pebble road: The first 80 days
  • John Kertesz (UTAS)
    Portfolio integration to support graduate certification and program accreditation in a professional studies degree.
Parallel Session 2B
  • Chris Bruce, Mark Derbyshire & Terry Young (La Trobe)
    Camera, lights, action! The Film Festival Occupational Therapy Video Assessment Task.
  • Rachel Bacon & Sheila Cunningham (Nottingham)
    The development and implementation of an electronic practice assessment document in pre-registration nurse education.
  • Ron Knevel, Terry Young & Priscilla Trahar (La Trobe)
    More than an eportfolio: Horizontal and vertical implementation of PebblePad in the curriculum. Experiences in oral health and dentistry.
Parallel Sessions
Set 3

Parallel Session 3A
  • Priscilla Trahar & Heidi Blair (Griffith)
    Griffith Graduates of Influence – Developing an institution-wide employability portfolio.
  • Terry Young (La Trobe)
    The Career Ready portfolio: From rhetoric to reality.
Parallel Session 3B
  • Marlene Daicopoulos, Helen Dugmore & Caroline Nilson (Murdoch) Going paperless in student nurse clinical work integrated learning.
  • Sarah Burkhart (USC)
    Engaging Nutrition and Dietetics students with food science – Using PebblePad to deliver a flipped classroom.
Ignite Session
Round 5

  • Donna Hay & Denise McBride (Durham)
    The developmental journey of using PebblePad to underpin an institutional employability award at Durham University.
  • Ruth Druva, Wendy McLeod & John McInerney (Monash)
    ePortfolio learning and assessment in anatomy and pathology.
  • Alison White & Christopher Allan (Griffith)
    Implementing PebblePad at a program level in a postgraduate biomedical health program to build a professional identity and support transition to professional practice.
Afternoon tea
15:15 - 16:00
Featured Speaker
Professor Heidi Blair, Griffith University
Round Up and Close
Bus to airport

Programme subject to change