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Charting new courses for learning and teaching

PebbleBash 2020 will take place 10 years to the month since the very first 'Bash. A lot has changed since that first conference. Since then, we've seen a shift in Higher Education towards student-centred, real-world learning and active, authentic assessment, which has seen educators, strategists and technologists seek new ways to support students within and beyond the classroom.

With the LMS or VLE often being too course and content centric to deliver on this ambition and support lifelong and life-wide learning journeys, practitioners across the globe are using PebblePad to chart new courses (and blaze entirely new trails) in learning and teaching.

With the theme of Charting new courses for learning and teaching, PebbleBash 2020 will once again have a strong focus on pedagogy, especially on learning and assessment design. Our mission here at PebblePad is to help students extract all they can from each step of their individual learning journeys. And so we are looking for submissions from the trailblazers, the innovators, and the forgers of new learning paths off the beaten trail, which tell of the journey to support, guide and develop students from induction to graduation, and beyond.

A new course for submissions

For PebbleBash 2020 we are charting a new course for our submission process. Instead of the traditional, quite prescriptive process of inviting proposals of particular formats, we would like to invite you to tell us what you would like to present, why and how. This new submission process will involve the following phases:

Phase 1

Monday 5 August to Friday 27 September*

Expressions of Interest

Complete the form below to tell us:

  1. What you would like to present about
  2. How it is charting a new course for learning and teaching
  3. The presentation format that would best suit your story

* Call for proposals closed.

Phase 2

Monday 30 September to Friday 25 October*

Designing the Program

Based on the submissions received we will develop a two-day program that best combines the proposed topics and presentation formats. Where necessary we will liaise with submission authors to negotiate formats to design the best possible program.

* Authors notified of outcome by Friday 25 October

Phase 3

Monday 14 October to Tuesday 31 December*

Developing the Detail

Once the program has been finalised, we will request further information from submission authors based on the allocated presentation format. This will include full case studies or papers for those who are keen to have their work published in the conference proceedings.

* Authors prepare papers for publication (where relevant)